Why practice Aikido?

Aikido is a way of personal development through a traditional Japanese martial art. Aikido is often translated as the Art of Peace, and described as the Meditation in Motion. The purpose of this art is to bring balance to one's mind and body, and by extension to promote peace and harmony in the world. Aikido is so vast and deep that everyone will experience it differently. But everyone will benefit by developing their awareness and mindfulness, becoming more confident and open to the world, and reducing their daily stress.

dojo announcements

Kagami Biraki

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Our Kagami Biraki (a special class of the new year) will be on Sat, Jan 16, 10:30 am - 12 (noon), on Zoom (our usual class link). Hope many of you will attend!

aikido testing

December 26, 2020

Congratulations to Megan Sekiya and Andrew Dyadin on passing their shodan tests! Great job, Megan and Andrew!

Congratulations to Jim Callaghan and Francisco Diaz on passing their 3rd kyu tests! Well done, Jim and Francisco!

Aikido classes online and outdoors

March 21, 2020 – ongoing

We have Aikido classes online and outdoors. Please see the schedule for the times and locations. Our classes focus on the solo practice: body movements (tai sabaki) with and without weapons (bokken and jo). Starting July 28, our outdoor classes will also have a limited weapon-to-weapon contact component (a face mask will be required). Here are some photos of our outdoor practices!

For our Zoom classes, we're adding a "bubble contact practice" component: if you want to practice in the same space with a partner (someone in your "bubble" who is also an Aikidoka with CAF membership) during our Zoom classes so that you can perform Aikido techniques with contact, you are welcome to do so! This is one of the changes that we'll be implementing to help interested dojo members to get a better experience during our online classes.

Beginners are welcome to attend our outdoor classes for their introduction to Aikido! Our outdoor classes are for all levels. New members must complete and sign the membership form and waiver , and email it to us before coming to the class.

Note that before attending any of our outdoor Aikido classes, you must perform this COVID-19 self-assessment first, and attend the class only if you have answered "no" to all the questions there.

See you at our virtual & outdoor dojo!

VWA Jericho and VWA Cambie to close temporarily

March 12, 2020

The VWA board of directors and Ishiyama Shihan have decided to cancel all aikido classes immediately in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are taking this drastic step on the advice of Dr. Bob Wolber, a dojo member and student of Ishiyama Shihan since 1993. Bob Wolber MD, MPH, is Department Head and Medical Laboratory Director at Lions Gate Hospital/ Coastal Community of Care and 3rd Dan in Aikido. A part of Bob’s letter is reproduced below.

“The only way we can hope to successfully cope with this [pandemic] is to “flatten the curve”, meaning delay the transmission of the virus in the population so that the number of acutely ill is only a steady flow, rather than a tidal wave that overwhelms our ability to provide care.

“I recommend that all BCAF dojos discontinue Aikido practice indefinitely, until notified otherwise by public health officials. I know this is a harsh action and a real curtailment of a beloved activity and life commitment of the Aikido community. However, a single asymptomatic infected individual can transmit the virus to a number of individuals in a single Aikido practice. I would encourage Aikido members to stay in close contact through virtual means: social distancing does not mean social isolation.

“Wash your hands, stay home if you are sick (cough and fever; not the sniffles), phone your physician and ask to be tested if you believe you may be infected. Go to one of the new Urgent Primary Care Centres if you develop breathing difficulties.”

VWA Jericho

Jericho Hill Centre, 4196 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

VWA Cambie

St Mary's Ukrainian Cultural Centre Gym, 3140 Ash St, Vancouver

[email protected]
Vancouver West Aikikai, c/o E.M. McKinlay, 3927 West 29th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6S 1V2

class schedule

day times location instructor
Mon 18:30–19:45 online Ishiyama Sensei
Wed 18:30–19:45 online Ishiyama Sensei
Sat 10:30–11:45 onlineIshiyama Sensei

We are holding our classes online as well as outdoors while the COVID-19 restrictions are in place. Our outdoor classes are weather permitting.


program period amount
adults monthly $80
  Jan–Mar $210
  Apr–Jun $210
  Jul–Aug $140
  Sep–Dec $280

Note: The actual fees are currently 50% of the ones posted above, while VWA has no access to our indoor locations at Jericho and Cambie.

Basic policies

Beginners and visitors are welcome. Drop-in visitors will be required to sign a waiver at the dojo before practising. Please observe proper etiquette and adhere to the dojo Code of Conduct .

All dojo members are required to pay Canadian Aikido Federation and BC Aikido Federation annual dues.

New members must complete and sign a membership form and waiver . This may be done on arrival at the dojo, or you may save time by completing the form online and either printing it or emailing it to us.

The children's classes use a different membership form and waiver , which must be completed by parents before their children join the classes.

Exceptions to these policies will be considered on an individual basis (see Sensei before the class).

Payment methods

cash or cheque at the dojo

e-transfer (preferred) to [email protected], with Sensei's last name as the answer to your (arbitrary) security question

PayPal adults one-time
Student Name
PayPal adults monthly debit
Student Name(s)


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